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Dentistry Faculty

The Dean of the faculty is Mandra Julia Vladimirovna
Degree and Diploma programmes: MD, internship, residency, postgraduate studies.
University degrees: The graduates of the Dentistry Faculty of USMU are in high demand in the labour market in Russia. They practice in Yekaterinburg, cities of the Ural Federal Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and cities of the foreign countries. Their professional interests are focused on the public health by providing dental service of the highest quality.
Curriculum presentation. The educational process is organized on the high information technologies level. All students are provided with academic literature and have access to e-Learning resources. The faculty has its own dental clinic with 104 dental chairs, phantom-simulators, and 140 computers. The Science Educational Center in Fundamental Stomatology has a role in ensuring high level of education.
The Dentistry Faculty provides post-graduate programmes giving opportunities for professional development. The faculty collaborates with leading foreign universities.
Teaching stuff. The study process is maintained by highly qualified specialists with PhD (80%); and the average age of a teacher is 45. The teachers of the faculty received the awards of the Russian Federation President, Public Health Ministry, Russian Academy of Natural History, and Russian Dental Association that confirms their high competency.
The competitiveness of the students. Only applicants with the high scores in the State Exams are enrolled. In 2013 applicants needed to have 264 scores out of 300 in the State Exams to enter the Dentistry Faculty and study there for free. Future dentists undergo international internship, and take part in professional skills competitions. Among students there are the Russian Federation President Scholarship, and the Russian Federation Government Grant recipients.
Interaction with employers. The Degree programme is approved and reviewed by the regional employers. The leading professionals in Dentistry of the Ural region took part in development of the educational programme. Together with the partners the University holds events of the domestic and international levels such as congresses, scientific conferences, master classes, and professional skills competitions (3M ESPE, Dentsply, Sirona, Tokuyama Dental, Shofu Dental, GlaxoSmithKline, Colgate, Oral-B, DRC Group et al.).