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Уральский государственный медицинский университет

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Preventive Medicine Faculty

The Dean of the faculty is Nasybullina Galiya Maksutovna
Degree and Diploma programmes: MD, internship, residency, postgraduate studies.
Curriculum presentation. The aim of the curriculum is training an intelligent specialist in Preventive Medicine with developed personality and professionalism. Our graduates have high cultural and professional level required for sanitary and epidemiological service, maintenance and improvement of public health. Consumer Rights and Protection is one more field included in the curriculum.
Teaching stuff. The study process is maintained by highly qualified specialists with PhD (79%), or MD (21%). The competent teaching stuff ensures high level of education by introducing innovative teaching methods using information resources, medical databases, electronic textbooks, and laboratory tests. Our teachers are the authors of textbooks affiliated by the Academic Methodology Association of Medical and Pharmaceutical Education in Russia.
The competitiveness of the students Among students there are the Russian Federation President Scholarship, the Russian Federation Government Grant and the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Scholarship recipients and grant holders of the scientific research programs “Umnik” and “Start”.
Our post-graduates are in great demand in the labour market and usually employed by the Federal Customer Rights and Protection Service and various preventive medicine institutions. They are provided opportunities to continue their education undergoing the Diploma programmes in Health Science and Preventive Medicine, Health Service Organization, and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.
Interaction with employers. The Preventive Medicine Faculty collaborates with Federal Customer Rights and Protection Service and Preventive Medicine institutions. The partnership concerns the development of educational programmes, post-graduate studies programmes and their implementation, and also involvement in scientific research.